kidOYO - K12 Computer Science/Engineering/Entrepreneurship Education

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Computer Science, Engineering, Entrepreneurship Education for Students K-12

kidOYO® produces high value educational infrastructure in use by schools within k12 classrooms in order to deliver experiential project-based learning outcomes in the areas of computer science, engineering, and entrepreneurship. Additionally, kidOYO® works with Universities to expand opportunities for students and staff to build collaborative relationships with families, corporate employers, and administrators in k12 schools, and leverages these partnerships to produce live events of increasing value to community participants. The unique methods developed by kidOYO® leaders are being deployed exclusively via the web-based learning platform established via

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kidOYO: K-12 Computer Science/Engineering/Entrepreneurship Education

Parent-Driven Education

We have been helping classrooms to engage coding, making and entrepreneurial thinking for many years (15+). We have influenced a global conversation, and trained many mentors, teachers and students along the way. While it is exciting to see this area of learning in the media so prolifically, methods matter, and not all produce the same outcomes.

We are strong advocates of "creative education", using real world tools and letting kids drive their own learning based on their own interests. This is fundamentally different than some corporate methods you will hear about.

We understand that education is a competitive process, and there are many different kinds of classrooms. Some exist by law and are staffed for employment purposes, others exist by inspiration and are driven by a passion for an open-ended life-long love of learning. The differences are typically dramatic.

In the best cases, schools function as communities where sharing and risk-taking are inspired by leaders giving example to words. These are the types of schools we typically find success engaging.

As parents, we understand the tough reality that public education is up against. An employment system delivering education alongside basic social services like free meals, child care, family counseling, etc is hard work. Testing requirements and standardized methods aimed at all kids makes it challenging to give leading students access to methods that drive their possibilities at a pace commensurate with their potential. Still, we know it is possible to secure equal access, extend care and concern to those in need and give advanced learners access to open-ended outcomes based on their own ambition to learn. We just need to make the tools available.

If you are an interested parent who wants to lead development of advanced programs for your kid and community, the process begins here:

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