PAXEast Panel: Kids Learn to Code and Make with Games

"Make things so that kids can make things with the things you make... make the future of education a dev project!"

Devon Loffreto [Developer,]
Elliott Sperlazza [Developer, RedHat/]
Brandon Feldkamp [Developer, RedHat/]
Melora Loffreto [Product Developer,]
Joel Peck [Developer, UMW/]

Supporting Presentation

Here we start by simulating physical lessons (Robotics: Lego Mindstorms "Battlebot" Arena)
in virtual space and provoking problem-solving with imagination by 6 - 17 year old students.

Social collaboration brings a new context to learning, including student-teacher-network interactions and outcomes.

An 8 year old student learning basic game design via a maze game allows for iterative learning.. or "Failing Forward".

With a foundation of object-oriented programming methods, and social collaboration, we next pursue "Language Literacy"

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Give a person a Minecraft mod, Teach a person to make a Minecraft mod... or do both learning Java & Lua along the way.

Where does learning how to code and make with games begin... the server... the data... the code... the pi?

Prototyping physical computing experiences with an entrepreneurial perspective yields a Maker Extravaganza!

There is a lot more to share, much more to learn... and fun to be had with Python, Greenfoot, TinkerCAD, Arduino and Much More.

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