About Us

kidOYO Mini app is made by kidOYO to help parents lead their children towards methods of learning "computational literacy" that scale directly into the real world, where self-led learning is a requirement.

Beyond the kidOYO Mini app, kidOYO develops "public benefit technology", accessible at OYOclass.com , a web-based learning platform and community-based system in use by 100's of the top schools, teachers, and administrators in the United States. Our methods have been used by young learners for many years, at increasingly younger ages, to progress functional skills into K12 learning outcomes, such as the AP Computer Science A & Principles tests, which many kidOYO students have taken and passed for University credit as early as 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th grade.

Visit OYOclass.com to bring our methods to your school district.

Our team

The kidOYO team is comprised of professional engineers, computer science graduates, development psychology focused product developers with long track-records of success, social-entrepreneurs, and coders who bring skills and process familiarity directly to students as mentors. Starting on University campuses, kidOYO leaders have worked directly with students in live and virtual classrooms, engaging the age-based feedback loops discovered within our learning tools and apps.

Our team has decades of experience working with young minds in Pre-K, K-12 and into University classrooms, and brings substantial knowledge to the early developmental learning process where computer science, engineering, and learning to code collide with students. We believe "doing is learning", and as kidOYO builds tools for its own use in teaching, providing access to these same tools to teachers and school districts to access in guiding the learning methods of their students, our methods speak to this belief.

Trusted by parents for many years, our platform OYOclass.com represents a new method for parents with young children to engage a meaningful learning process at their own speed, from home, and directed by their own motivation and learning needs. This platform feeds into a learning system providing students with full progression in K12 Computer Science, with standards-based learning curriculum, under their own control and pace of engagement.

For more, visit kidOYO.com and OYOclass.com.