A kidOYO Passport opens the door to a world of learning as students freely move between kidOYO learning communities pursuing their own passions at their own pace. Whether a beginning learner, or interested in advanced concepts like Game Development, Hardware Prototyping, or Competitive Coding, you will find tools, lessons and mentors in every learning community to help you gain the skills you are looking for.

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Summer Camps

This community is dedicated to live summer learning with kidOYO mentors on University campuses. Learners join this community via event tickets, and have access to this community for duration of summer camp + additional time for at home learning. All kidOYO Mentors are professional developers, engineers, University CSE students, and/or trained by kidOYO professional mentors to work with learners 8-17.

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This College Board approved online curriculum is designed to lead students towards the skills they require to take and pass the Advanced Placement (AP) Computer Science Principles test for University credit.

As the newest AP Computer Science test, this curriculum supports student preparation using both the Scratch and Python programming languages. Students will access kidOYO mentor feedback loops while solving challenges and completing practice work required for the final test. Students typically take this test in high school, but can do so earlier by choice.

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Want to get started teaching your young student computational thinking skills before they even start kindergarten? Despite what you might think, it is not only possible, but beneficial to start kids learning on this pathway as early as possible.

Reading, writing, arithmetic and computational thinking skills go hand-in-hand. Learning to code allows kids to see math move, to bring the written word to life and make it interactive, and to bring their native interest in technology into contact with methods of learning “functional literacy”. At kidOYO, starting early is ideal.

Coming in 2021 !