Summer Camp Sponsorship

At kidOYO we produce exceptional learning experiences. Our team of professional developers, engineers, product creators, K12 curriculum producers, and social-entrepreneurs have been building opportunities for families and young learners for many years. We work with schools, serving 85,000+ students and teachers in New York State alone!

As an unfunded 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, we build technology, and then teach others to do the same. As authentic and skilled developers of people with technology skills capable of practicing functional literacy methods across many fields of study or market types, demand for our services runs 24 x 7 x 365.

It is no small challenge to serve a community with 7-day-per-week motivation to learn. It is expensive to retain mentors and teachers with computer science, coding, engineering skills. While we have always worked with volunteers, schedule predictability is a requirement for effective program design, and volunteers can not always produce such predictable time donations.

As a result, reaching "At-Risk" communities and under-represented populations in this area of learning can be challenging, for a myriad of reasons. Our organization needs help.

Can you or your organization sponsor a summer camp, and provide learning opportunities to young people that otherwise can not afford to attend a technology-driven camp where skills of the future will be developed and nurtured by mentors, both live and ongoing throughout the year?

Do you know someone that is interested in funding this type of work? Are you interested in putting the best educational opportunity in front of ALL LEARNERS, and providing access to meaningful skill development methods that will impact lives for years to come?

We make it simple to make a HUGE impact.. consider donating to our public benefit mission.