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At kidOYO, we provide learning opportunity to young people across a wide-age spectrum. From early learners beginning to engage computational literacy as early as age 3, to Pre-K classrooms, Kindergarten through 12th grade classrooms, Advanced Placement CS classrooms, University-credit classrooms, and direct learners spread out all over the world.

Covering this wide-spectrum of mentor supported learning driven by students setting their own pace of engagement has many costs. In order to access our diverse learning platform and methodologies, many people require assistance acquiring hardware, like laptops, or the tools of hardware engineering that our mentors teach with.

Over the years, as a non-profit building public benefit technology, and supporting top classrooms with tools and methods of progression capable of integrating into traditional classrooms and serving "ALL KIDS", overcoming the problem of access to technology has been front and center in our work. From donated laptops running Linux Ubuntu, restored to functioning status by our team of mentors, to free events for families to engage coding, computer science, and engineering topics in directly engaging ways, our partners have been a critical resource in overcoming the challenges of providing such access.

Can you help?

Are you in a position to make a tax-deductible donation in support of our organizations public-benefit mission? Our efforts are long-standing, having served many people over the years, but we are always in need of help.

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