Summer Camp Scholarships

Every summer at kidOYO we assemble an all-star cast of mentors with high-level real world skills in the areas of computer science, engineering, product development & programming to work with kids 8-17 to engage personal learning paths in a fun and engaging way. Its an expensive endeavor, and parents from across the United States & World bring their kids to our programs for the unique opportunity to learn with kidOYO. But, for many families, this endeavor is simply too expensive, and scholarships are needed to cross the barrier.

Many camps provide low-level skills, platforms aimed at the masses with methods of instruction that are marginally useful, or flat-out have mentors with little actual experience in the area of interest that kids are pursuing. Providing access to top talented mentors, trained to work with students of multiple ages, is a full-time endeavor. Providing real world tools, methods, and personal curriculum with mentor feedback loops requires deliberate intent and a year-round supported work flow.

At kidOYO, we exist to service this need. It does not matter whether you come from wealthy or at-risk communities, access to this type of learning is generally unavailable. We too have been to many of the franchises filling strip malls, used platforms selling more hype than value, even when FREE, and have kids in schools not adept at serving this high value learning need.

As an unfunded (grants/investments/donations) 501(c)(3) public-benefit organization and mission, the value of the services we offer are directly bound to our very existence, year after year. As the summer of 2019 begins, our small but mighty organization now serves close to 75,000 students of all ages year round. Our methods are used in K-12 classrooms and on University campuses. 

But we need HELP to bring this opportunity to more students by offering scholarships to our programs. We appreciate any help we receive, and we thank you for your consideration of this need.

If you have the capacity to support our mission, or would like to donate more than is practical via digital payment, please feel enticed to get in touch with us directly using the following information. Thank you for your consideration and support, at every level.


95 Broadhollow Road, Suite 95D

Melville, NY 11747