kidOYO Prototype Kit

The kidOYO® Prototype kit was custom designed to introduce learners to the power of creation with Arduino.  While the kit can be approached on its own, our learning community is a way to connect to Learning Paths and kidOYO Mentors.

This kit includes: Arduino Uno based development board, Servo Motor, Stepper Motor, Stepper Motor Driver, Joystick, 4x4 key pad, Shift Register, Male - Female Jumper Wires, Male - Male Jumper Wires, LCD Screen with 12c Backpack, Photoresistors, DHT 11, Half Bread Board, 10k Ohm Potentiometer (Pot), Active Piezo Buzzer, Passive Piezo Buzzer, 7 Segment LED, Assorted Color LEDs, RGB LED, and Momentary Push Button.