kidOYO Mini EDU

kidOYO Mini EDU

Start early, never stop.. this app helps young minds engage computational literacy methods discovered in computer science, engineering and coding education, for a lifetime of self-driven learning!

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CSE Education For All Starting In Pre-K


Dr. Michael Nagler

Superintendent Mineola Public Schools

2020 National/New York State Superintendent of the Year

As a Nation we can no longer ignore the importance of computer science and coding. It isn’t and shouldn’t be treated as a high school subject - we need to begin the discipline in kindergarten.

The kidOYO Mini app is the perfect solution to get kids started. The concept and current iteration has been tested and developed in a partnership with Mineola schools. We have seen first-hand results that 5 year olds can and do learn coding, and more importantly love every minute of it!

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kidOYO Mini EDU